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The House of Mistry was opened in the Summer of 1975 as a small chemists in South End Green, Hampstead. It was Dr C D Mistry's second pharmacy and before long Dr Mistry started to take another look at the natural remedies that he used as a youngster in Africa and India and started to develop these for his customers who wanted an alternative to the offerings of the big pharmacutical companies

Before long word spread and Dr Mistry found himself producing batches at a time and the House of Mistry name was applied to a range of Natural Products.

In 1978 the store expanded taking over the shop next door as well allowing us more space to display more alternative products and our own expanding range.

New products were constantly developed and in 1998 Dr Mistry had a chance to focus on his research and spend more time developing his products as his son Rajesh took over the pharmacy.

Our online history starts back in 1994 with a basic website allowing the ordering of products and providing information. In 2001 we launched our first full e-commerce website selling to customers around the world and early 2005 the latest incarnation was introduced offering more features and improved accessability.

Internationally we have also made much progress. House of Mistry products are now sold in countries around the world including, Canada (under the Bioplanet name -, Australia, India, Africa, the US, Thailand and in the Middle East (both as House of Mistry and under the Cara Cosmetics name). In 2004 we expanded our Indian sales and opened a branch of the House of Mistry in Delhi, India.

In 2005 we started to look at where we had come and more importantly where the world had come since we started. It was clear that we no longer had to convince people that the natural way was a feasable way and that more and more people we're turning their back on the chemicals used for so long in the industry.

Realising that the time had finally come when 'the natural way' would once again be the way people wanted to live, we put together a plan of action to rebrand as Mistry's and after much long hard work, we have a new look which has reinvigorated the company and gives us a more mainstream appeal.

Born in Kenya in 1941 to Indian parents, Dr Mistry held a strong interest in nature as a child.

As he grew up he joined the scouts and there learnt many ways to use nature to help take care of himself and others.

While still in Africa he became a teacher and one of his passions was passing his knowledge of natural healing on to his students.

In 1965 aged 24 he came over to England with the aim of becoming a pharmacist. With his African qualifications holding little weight, he started off fresh by getting A-levels in the science subjects and overcame poverty, working nights as a waiter and washing dishes, going on to study Pharmacy at Brighton University. Here he was lucky to have a chance to study at their pharmacognacy unit.

From here he began his career with Boots the Chemist working his way up to a management position in their Edgeware Road branch, while he enjoyed this, he was always restricted by being a small part of a big company. In 1972, just 7 years after coming to England he opened his first pharmacy in Hendon. This allowed him to explore his ideas further without the limits that come with working for someone else. In 1975 he got the opportunity to acquire a shop not too far away in South End Green with a house for his young family above. He took it up and sold his Hendon shop to pay for it. He called it The House of Mistry.

Living above the shop he turned the family kitchen into a makeshift lab and spent much of his free time developing Homeopathic, Ayurvedic and other natural remedy's along with other products for natural living.

In the time since then he has developed over 100 products and has constantly developed his knowledge through courses, research and discussions with others in his and related fields. He has won a number of awards for his work during this time. He was keen that all products come from natural and organic sources and where possible this is the case to this day.

Even today Dr Mistry spends much time researching and developing his products as well as giving free consultations to his patients every Saturday (contact us for further details or to arrange an appointment)

House of Mistry - Mistry's re-branding

As you may know we've been going now for 35 years and in that time the market for ethical buying has changed and we feel is now ready for the mass market.

As a result we are splitting our product range with our niche products and health food store remaining under the 'House of Mistry' name and our everyday use products now being sold under the Mistry's brand.

This is a gradual process which has been planned since 2005 and started with the trial introduction of 9 Mistry's products in June 2006. These included a mixture of our strongest and most established lines along with some new arrivals packaged to meet the stringent demands of today's consumer. We expect to complete the re-branding by the end of 2006.

In addition to rebranding, we've also been hard at work improving the quality and consistancy of our products and in early 2007 we proudly opened our new manurfacturing facility which contains a state the art quality control lab.

Why Mistry's?

It's a more memorable and catchy name than The House of Mistry. We know this because we have long been referred to as Mistry's by our customers, the press and in industry.

The change is also a reflection of our history, my early work was branded simply as Mistry's and now just as then I feel that we are taking a huge step forward.

The House of Mistry in London is an amalgamated health food shop and a pharmacists, stocking the full House of Mistry range along with everything else you would expect to find in a health food store or pharmacists. Friendly staff experienced in both conventional and natural healing are always on hand to give help and advice.

In addition The House of Mistry acts as a base both for for Dr Henry - chiropodist, naturalpath, acupuncturist and Michael Kissiner - A master acupuncturist, who practice from on-site consultation rooms.

Outside, regardless of weather, you can pick up the freshest organic fruits from Michael. The organic fruit stall is open Monday-Friday. During the summer nights Michaels spot is taken over by Friendly Falafels, offering an interesting and healthy alternative to a post-pub Kebab.


Selling House of Mistry products imported from London, the House of Mistry in Delhi has proved to be a huge hit with Delhi locals and Ex-Pats since Dr Mistry opened it in February 2004.
The House of Mistry in Delhi, can be found in the Shiv Shakti Plaza.



Mistry's products can be found in all good Health Food Stores, Pharmacies as well as on the web If you are having trouble finding a suitable stockist, please contact us and we'll do our best to point you in the right direction.


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I've had the pleasure of using Mistry's shampoos and soaps for over 10 years now, due to them containing the most natural ingredients of any products I was able to find. It's so refreshing to see a company dedicated to using the wonderful ingredients that nature has provided us with, instead of filling their products with artificial detergents and chemicals. These are the sort of products we should be seeing more of on our supermarket shelves. Simple, natural and safe ingredients, makes a range of products that are beneficial for the health of our own bodies as well as that of the environment. Well done Mistry's. May you go from strength to strength. Mike Wolff
Placed on 21 February 2017