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Privacy Policy

Following is the privacy policy for the House of Mistry website (and any sub-domains and domains pointing to it, which are owned by the House of Mistry LTD including but not limited to -,,

  • How safe are my details?
    Your payment details are taken over a 128bit encrypted connection, hosted by our bank. We are not granted access to your card details, however the bank does pass on the rest of the information you provide at this stage. We have no use for and as such disregard this information. The details you provide us with when you register are stored in a secure database . In short your details are very safe. 

  • Who has access to my details?
    Only our credit card processors Worldpay - in conjunction with NatWest streamline, and The House of Mistry will be able to see your details. 

  • What details do you collect?
    We collect your name and address for delivery purposes, we collect your e-mail address for conformation purposes and as a means of contact in the case of any queries with your order for this reason we also request your phone number. We store these details for future reference, but will remove them at your request. Please e-mail us for more details.
    Our credit card processors collect your credit card details for billing purposes. 

  • Will my details be sold?
    We value our customers and will never sell your details. 

  • Will I be put on any mailing lists?
    We are against unsolicited email, therefore you will not be put on our mailing list without your prior consent. You can remove yourself from our mailing list from the 'my account' section of the website or by clicking the unsubscribe link at the bottom of any email from us. 

  • Cookies
    The website uses Cookies, cookies are simple text files which in our case only store a 14 digit number which allows us to identify your order as belonging to you. Cookies do not allow us to do anything other then let see your unique random 14 digit code which we assign you. We can not view cookies from other sites and other sites cannot view cookies set by us. 

    For more details on cookies and a full technical specification see here